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Independent statistics
Statistics of

Dynamic Capital - HYIP details

Dynamic Capital

lifetime: 387 days
monitoring: 387 days
Investment of uHYIPs: $100
Payout ratio for uHYIPs: 115%
User's investments: $0
Payout ratio: 0%
uHYIPs Rating: 0
User's rating: 1 (48 votes)
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $100000
Withdrawal: Manual
Referral: 3%
Discussion: MMGP | CG | DTM
Investment plans:
104%-150% After 1 day, principal included
125%-400% After 5 days, principal included
170%-600% After 10 days, principal included
Dynamic Capital is modern investment company from United Kingdom. The activities of our company relate to the trading in currency pairs in the Forex market, the trading in cryptocurrency, the purchase and sale of shares of large international companies and other derivative financial instruments on stock indices and commodity assets. The main portion of our income comes from Forex investments, while the rest is generated by our stock market activity. Trading in Forex market is, by all means, the most profitable way of making investments that can be found. As trades are always done in currency pairs, Forex traders can always find chance to make money, regardless of the fall or rise of one single currency. No wonder that Forex has reached heights in the international arena.
Last payouts:
Type User Date Amount
Payout uHYIPs 22 Jun,2020 $4
Status uHYIPs: Not Paying

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Info 0.00 points if you want to share some info about the program.
Bad -0.1 points if you have some problems with the program.
Awful -0.3 points if program not paying you.
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Posted by BDM from anonymous proxy on 24 Jun,2020. IP: 197.211.*.*, E-mail: b***
those who received payment today, When did you request for withdrawal ?. as for me l requested on the 18th but have not been paid
Posted by User ErenTT on 24 Jun,2020
$ Payment received $ Withdrawal Received $ +1.90366593 Transaction View 0bcdbb4826fea1fbe1ea37ec15f22435b77f7a234b8209fe649918637ec5eae1
Posted by Linda from Italy on 24 Jun,2020. IP: 158.58.*.*, E-mail: s***
Withdrawal Recieved @ Dynamic Capital 24.06.20 00:06 Received 3.09731686 BTC Batch: c12a92f190bcbba96915159eea9e14c0b46effc2f423e662569c10eda301c3cc
Posted by David Jones from Portugal on 23 Jun,2020. IP: 46.50.*.*, E-mail: v***
Posted by BDM from anonymous proxy on 23 Jun,2020. IP: 197.211.*.*, E-mail: b***
has anyone been paid today
Posted by User Gendre on 23 Jun,2020
I would love to recommend you again and again +1.18118400 BTC Hash: ca864906ccd5526c6e7f4bebf75ee7a37c6a8e3872c312a9163fcbe81bf23db8
Posted by Zen from anonymous proxy on 23 Jun,2020. IP: 104.151.*.*, E-mail: s***
23.06.2020 @ 00:07 1DyKd2JF2Bmxrs9EDZwqjHQL92yoQqvDB4 2.56953918 BTC Transaction View 6768ebe5edaa2e3b72185702206e7d66c9426b18838638bcba440121b02acc2d
Posted by Chate Sanguannam from United States on 22 Jun,2020. IP: 184.22.*.*, E-mail: c***
i waiting more than 5 days too (include Sat and Sunday)
Posted by vangdetr from Vietnam on 22 Jun,2020. IP: 14.229.*.*, E-mail: p***
Waiting for more than 5 days. Be careful when investing
Posted by User Neku on 22 Jun,2020
Next payment! 1.49385609 BTC has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account bc1q5zyf70p4lycwqqs87sv5qj29ld7tvzxj8rse4s. Transaction batch is : fa78ddd35a63477185240082d3ea5b715fba7ff29e2b9026e7fe6c01ec036f49
Posted by Levy from Sweden on 22 Jun,2020. IP: 192.71.*.*, E-mail: b***
Next payment! Your withdrawal request was successfully to your address. Amount: $9,282.19 Transaction Hash: 25a29193f070f58ef17b9f02bc17af2e377f81d254db0686d305440d025e1f66 Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
Posted by User Shiki on 21 Jun,2020
3.34574456 BTC to 1HwWQ2zsUR3KauqkwwFQgGR3DAx3Yb83H9 2020-06-21 00:23
Posted by User Nora on 21 Jun,2020
Withdrawal of funds .. BTC 1.11226317 1f91a7af825802fbd20ae7af2490da7402ad11a5b962b61818dc20b9eb893204
Posted by User Compa on 20 Jun,2020
Payment received! 3.0702832 BTC 2020-06-20 00:23:25 b6e4b5f9195ed87b47977f1b568708641438c6ab3a6feda78392680a9bf97838
Posted by User Yesol on 20 Jun,2020
Paying! + 1.51917372 BTC Date 20.06.2020 01:00 Transaction ID 737da4c49be4ba3d5451d808c28c95c9ca72d72b51152e98068e33b6b94125b5
Posted by User Guyue on 19 Jun,2020
Instant: 2.18959114 BTC Batch id: bb3e50fdf8e0a703347dad497e7c7d926ff71ba34109e99a9898d32f8f7f16ec
Posted by Jay from anonymous proxy on 19 Jun,2020. IP: 192.99.*.*, E-mail: s***
Date: 2020-06-19 00:33:14 Receive amount: 1.78797632 BTC Batch:294a638ad80a5b52185c15b91b99d691d0bf95d3ab63420bc9d7c5e32c4269b4 From: Dynamic Capital
Posted by User Shanan on 18 Jun,2020
00:14 18.06.20 Received Payment 3.53410089 BTC from account 3LY8VEZC1mhbtPMPbU3jXrkL68t36tUNr6. Withdraw to from Dynamic Capital. Transaction batch is d197ad338c33c0ba765e0f7ee16b05c4691a878c3d5ef96ca27955762de8ec17.
Posted by May from anonymous proxy on 18 Jun,2020. IP: 103.53.*.*, E-mail: b***
THE BEST PROGRAM! June 18 2020 @ Dynamic Capital 3Jyb181tpT2uxTxGcMG5xVFUF66t3WaXRF $26,248.15 2db00f4bf46938cf619af1020197b9c16c29fe830e6628e63525c36df982fa99
Posted by User IffyPa on 17 Jun,2020
Getting paid fast as usual. Date: 2020-06-17 Batch: 915bf58886345b9e84d9a2dbb1cd18a1ed2b2b8ff6c7bae8c8e9bd6c83bfb85b From: bc1q73wfsgx6hhc56nd3gvg0rzk2225wj59e2kw574 Amount: 1.99822433 Currency: BTC
Posted by Rain from Romania on 17 Jun,2020. IP: 89.46.*.*, E-mail: s***
OUR NEXT PAYMENT RECEIVED !!! Date and Time : 2020-06-17 00:00:22 Amount : 1.27894098 BTC Hash: 424f25f85dadf4f5c987c22b01e7115ff52580182979282ba811483812ab401a
Posted by User Kairi on 16 Jun,2020
$tatus: Paying +2.43716666 BTC Batch:a7e3d2bd316c893fd1d96d4238ecc11f257940e7a5b0d261a6d1d7c376512c21 Thank you admin
Posted by Mino from Romania on 16 Jun,2020. IP: 37.120.*.*, E-mail: b***
Received Time 2020-06-16 $14,012.34 on BitCoin. Batch is 641f98715a66b2b9ab995eef5686e455efdf8c6a8d140f70d4d0728ec16c5dff
Posted by User xobop on 15 Jun,2020
Withdraw Funds.. B1.15924899 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1CkizQ9xTSfMnVhZGRgD35RuFL7JVuFZC9. Transaction batch is 363029f09abb483171c9d25087639a70dd0b23257b84e06dddd2dd24b983f211.
Posted by User sohi on 15 Jun,2020
Received +2.4 BTC 2020-06-15 09:06:43 c88ce6d2fefe2b9fb4d2ea9dab009adb98c93df586dd1683f70f5df0a1d260de
Posted by User Lenalee on 14 Jun,2020
Program PAYING +1.94235906 BTC = $ 18,330.22 Transaction batch is: ceb784e5ea11862e71d846c04707d0b6d19e7420090df760635ea4a683129072
Posted by User Shiki on 14 Jun,2020
Next payment Received . Instantly as usual .. 1.04717902 BTC Transaction: 8010ada08a77cc5260f1fc6af812cff9c95a16dbb3c5379fde13a689fb2b2611
Posted by User Yesol on 13 Jun,2020
You just received +1.20637712 BTC ($11,380.08 USD) Transaction batch is: da498f6769791e74ef4010482f2679159d474e3e85ec4331051299369e9a2312
Posted by User Guyue on 13 Jun,2020
Instant @ Payout bc1qwvhxc3fdd9ekfmps3k3css8ej0747qhmn8c5gf $18,574.55 ( 1.96840423 BTC ) f8369f9874cabff4d2f7ed97c87f2c438be931df5804eab8373dbe437875efe9
Posted by viomsys from India on 12 Jun,2020. IP: 106.76.*.*, E-mail: v***
Received Payment 17.00 USD from account U21460464. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to viomsys from DYNAMIC CAPITAL LTD. Date.05:47 12.06.20. Batch. 318851103.
Posted by Dean from United States on 12 Jun,2020. IP: 54.36.*.*, E-mail: b***
PAYING ... Payment Received $16,721.53 has been successfully sent to your account 3D1ucWcwsQKYoiYh4UPNqNT9RaXL6g9Be6. Transaction batch is b9b56b6ceb6c7db0c98ba677034016ab3306086fdd3a8453754072dd9cc0e47a.
Posted by User Noire on 12 Jun,2020
Bitcoin - Payment received 2020-06-12 00:34:07 8b64bb14a39c8b585583d750352f70bd1bb0985d5b1eb60cab56b0f3c576c896 +1.54717736 BTC
Posted by User Soraran on 11 Jun,2020
INSTANT Received 1.13120960 BTC Batch: 5eeaa0479d7c233bb41a5421eda8f44020a8446f50cf0e4e12eee743b3929397
Posted by Nathan from anonymous proxy on 11 Jun,2020. IP: 45.64.*.*, E-mail: s***
A Bitcoin Transaction 2.93434551 BTC 1dd96e830f79b5f83126e98a48146496e935c9dc3a346b6698723fdde4acdd31
Posted by User Gendre on 10 Jun,2020
Got Paid ! Transaction View c43163878c9398c6d8deee1bbb60c45d7414becebb98d2aa8518b45849cd5944 1.33874913 BTC from Dynamic Capital
Posted by Zeno from anonymous proxy on 10 Jun,2020. IP: 185.253.*.*, E-mail: b***
INSTANT 2.56278070 BTC PAYOUTS 43516ba5ce6af9d29c2a7474f8213eef4d81fd84d6828ca321591c4ff2a6e807
Posted by User Shiki on 09 Jun,2020
Payment batch - 2.07437766 BTC 2020-06-09 00:32:36 8332f67a4d8fa230cfd4f31ce0f3d4fea743ec89595cc99372816f531dcf110e
Posted by Ruby from United States on 09 Jun,2020. IP: 173.0.*.*, E-mail: s***
Instant: 00:05 09.06.20 Receive 3.63892172 BTC Received Batch : b367f48d4e08e71ad19eac9845ce4ca8115c7c62033ad41a0904d54a3f5a0047
Posted by Linda from Cyprus on 08 Jun,2020. IP: 66.115.*.*, E-mail: s***
Payout Success... Withdrawal 2.88985050 BTC Batch: b2d3fa45b22d328d7bfc9fd2c94d99f0f6987d14a12550e618e57ff42d6a87cb
Posted by User Nora on 08 Jun,2020
Success Withdrawal Withdrawal 1.16653334 BTC successful, Transaction hash: 87c4d3ece0e380221add47aa32a7cae6d2f106e6254ebc82504324bc0273b436
Posted by User IffyPa on 07 Jun,2020
#07/06/2020 00:10:19# TXID: 84797e447edf62d96a7b8495919bef2f9ae183ef6acebbff3005eb361e15167b @4.339502 BTC
Posted by User Noire on 07 Jun,2020
Payment received instantly: BLOCKCHAIN Date : 2020-06-07 00:01 Amount : 5.57989055 Currency : BTC Batch : ed6b5e04a2a96533e41fca1212e6b2e6437243d556e2bfa3accecb8a0351f0d0 Memo : N/A
Posted by User Kairi on 06 Jun,2020
Received +3.63550685 BTC Batch: 91208ffe7c6ece0c9b71becc1c2e034f3a8ff0e5d0156b2cb732f4a1d45148be
Posted by User ErenTT on 06 Jun,2020
Received Time 2020-06-06 00:00:24 +1.30392157 BTC af0fb6e8b5e4db9975c978bfc45ac943e3c90db501445919ffdfa84964804e0f
Posted by User Lenalee on 05 Jun,2020
Congratulations! You have 1.11428607 BTC ... Transaction batch is:fc6575bfcbd7f5a051c2cf5f1ef1456b0f31e3f33895590b15a6c9534507ab2a
Posted by James from United States on 05 Jun,2020. IP: 173.234.*.*, E-mail: b***
Paying Instantly +3.37526627 BTC Batch id: 8e8bb87aa247e03b12f49b89d947697b55996c9cc1867a03b49bbcea89ebeeaa
Posted by User Mufu on 04 Jun,2020
Withdrawal (instant) +2.31082325 BTC To: 1BViEztzjd6Y2AguVsniF8K6kikgfu92KP. Date: 2020-06-04 00:05:17. Note: Withdraw to from Dynamic Capital
Posted by Vida from Argentina on 04 Jun,2020. IP: 181.119.*.*, E-mail: s***
Simply wow! 6c2279b9ee1a7471e1cc3643752148aced4ae32452960746b9b1999396d1075b 2020-06-04 00:43:12 4.5935727 BTC