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Perfect Money

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Advanced Cash

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Bitcoin Cash

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Pex Pay

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Bank Wire

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Yandex Money

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Web Money

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Inter Kassa

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Solid Trust Pay

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Nix Money

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OK Pay


Independent statistics
Statistics of uHYIPs.com

Payout statistics for: Instant Mining

Date Type Amount* PS Batch number
05 Jul,2018 Deposit $100.00 BTC 2a35a44ae0c9592765382d6312e10cc1c44*
11 Jul,2018 Payout $3.56 BTC c95176957d000c96d7026e8fa4a9d4dc58e*
17 Jul,2018 Payout $4.14 BTC 55e65b510f52f90472a482a81025bc21086*
22 Jul,2018 Payout $3.50 BTC 5e5f4591e6a2e106fd509a01d9d745ade1c*
25 Jul,2018 Payout $2.28 BTC 95f7608d87c1d6f116653e9bc5b167ee117*
01 Aug,2018 Payout $4.92 BTC 3f5b620325721674ca3d90797d6656789a2*
05 Aug,2018 Payout $2.62 BTC e17e78ab6874f2c7f16ed659ed5bffd2a10*
08 Aug,2018 Payout $1.82 BTC 23a9583b9bad4177bb51922c4ee134a2d2f*
11 Aug,2018 Payout $1.72 BTC 3fc5069a7279c65cf34f20c68fa9b1d6cd1*
14 Aug,2018 Payout $1.69 BTC 2a66234eafaffe55b785b5a58245ab5d704*
18 Aug,2018 Payout $2.39 BTC f5473c5b172374cd56014d3bcb6d783c361*
23 Aug,2018 Payout $3.01 BTC 2d9926c9d6b12033a5df5518590a1278a54*
29 Aug,2018 Payout $3.30 BTC f7c693c9db400bb9c374bee3805e6194e3f*
01 Sep,2018 Payout $2.69 BTC 24dafe9bd024102d6d2e11cb1c9bec75d41*
04 Sep,2018 Payout $2.07 BTC 97497b1aca7ab9816bedd3508e16d2c50ff*
07 Sep,2018 Payout $1.80 BTC 835f3201da2c48a7799e764a1b68fd04c57*
10 Sep,2018 Payout $1.76 BTC 60c7f22859b604c4fd354247e218f3a518e*
14 Sep,2018 Payout $2.43 BTC dab749f2ae8d2e0e166d860a866db12dfd4*
17 Sep,2018 Payout $1.75 BTC 1bc1e3442369ee5fb5c3f6a5ee80d66375a*
20 Sep,2018 Payout $1.81 BTC a23493a1a8da3b209fb9f6d8918c0fe39dc*
24 Sep,2018 Payout $2.47 BTC 6239f7a2ea4e433caabe79511e8f4fed2eb*
29 Sep,2018 Payout $3.06 BTC dba90fc0b530e48af38a3d4acd57571fa6e*
02 Oct,2018 Payout $1.83 BTC fa31ecda03861739f381cc703f7454daecc*
05 Oct,2018 Payout $1.83 BTC 9d1d24b83bc186cb8b5883fbcd0e3bc6dc3*
08 Oct,2018 Payout $1.86 BTC da0c28931f984fac868fe6a64a6d60dc9e8*
11 Oct,2018 Payout $1.73 BTC a7a0a77c1cda2defda964423a089b0c3694*
14 Oct,2018 Payout $1.74 BTC 89267e4ebe809bb6fba24ae31aa1531643a*
18 Oct,2018 Payout $2.41 BTC 710799e05a5fe3f64d217be1182f6acfdaf*
21 Oct,2018 Payout $1.81 BTC b2002054dbfe721918ca8b8f0f31e58f8ef*
25 Oct,2018 Payout $2.40 BTC 3798415d95466effa741b91bc6e059772f2*
29 Oct,2018 Payout $2.39 BTC de2a8daf0e4be40d5625502eb771f080903*
02 Nov,2018 Payout $2.37 BTC 0cfb32d70413dbdb9fed75051855e745b45*
07 Nov,2018 Payout $3.04 BTC 9affc97d74e0db1f1ab0971c943a1256229*
10 Nov,2018 Payout $1.78 BTC 873b4f69ff4bf6f38e284718b3cf70ff7a4*
14 Nov,2018 Payout $2.07 BTC ad052982110d4100792e36b4be72a7d22f2*
17 Nov,2018 Payout $1.54 BTC 40cd4c1b56f01c497b164f5ac6e22a7bdb5*
18 Nov,2018 Payout $1.55 BTC b3c5989506051aa0c2125212a0e498bb708*
20 Nov,2018 Payout $1.23 BTC aa8a1d0fbab8e98d22b580bd176ca15a4ba*
02 Dec,2018 Payout $4.26 BTC 24dabca39d7a4934003c3fcb029a5d000b5*
13 Dec,2018 Payout $3.48 BTC 7d4d333f415aa389f9a4e4868864fd3f1d2*
24 Dec,2018 Payout $4.17 BTC 139527468f351b7aaa8db8cefa89746c47b*
03 Jan,2019 Payout $4.01 BTC d4f0b68470b8d6bcdb4ebd5ef3e9f73ab95*
15 Jan,2019 Payout $3.67 BTC 8bc2fb904879ff1eabb1dd99413663b2eba*
25 Jan,2019 Payout $3.54 BTC 163fc521f857229bf0b644f5783d7cfbd0a*
06 Feb,2019 Payout $3.97 BTC add9688b4fb99f777bd00ed6409ab62057c*
18 Feb,2019 Payout $4.15 BTC 5ffb6e059fff331ee508e3a644ec8df629d*
01 Mar,2019 Payout $3.93 BTC 878836681c97c6e11fb98446fdd03891164*
12 Mar,2019 Payout $3.98 BTC 68127e3b2ca86513119fba12cfd0c3d8635*
23 Mar,2019 Payout $4.08 BTC d636a1863066421ec2d6c47013b62d9c180*
* Received payouts may include referral commissions.