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Independent statistics
Statistics of uHYIPs.com

Payout statistics for: SuperfineFund Ltd

Date Type Amount* PS Batch number
03 Mar,2018 Deposit $100.00 AC d62721d8-2af1-42f0-a7a0-9916c2a79706
05 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 9d0bf5d2-ea63-42a8-b114-be43293fbb50
05 Mar,2018 Payout $2.50 PM 2074178**
06 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 27dd07da-47e2-44bf-8475-59c0af23dd5c
07 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 043cdc08-b1c5-43f5-8b7e-b7224e9e1e88
08 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC f6788497-09e3-4a1d-95e2-222f9d3c8975
09 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 97bebff0-ab3f-4abf-9b9c-ea4155def2f3
09 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC db0d0c3b-2c0b-4323-b7aa-10b41eb51b65
10 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC cc98fdd5-86f2-4fe9-9a7b-62bfd3341e59
12 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC e475b702-5202-40a8-a4c2-1a40d8341d8e
12 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC b60cd946-b99c-498d-ae44-48154ba2261d
14 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC c17fcf41-9713-4d27-b2fe-bd610a10ebbc
15 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 8b0003b0-fd60-4ef1-a1b0-b4d90792c19f
16 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 8abec7e2-b4b2-46f4-a0eb-9f14a8ff05a1
17 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 1e3d1a9e-439a-4c8f-a430-8b453a31e425
18 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC f813147f-a0ce-4949-a3e6-b7d24b3657e4
19 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 1b3785bb-48eb-4143-924e-e78150efbefa
20 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC dc2f960c-3697-4ba3-a07c-399dba6694c6
21 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 14d46383-90ce-4c8f-97df-a3297b571dc5
22 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 36b69177-a6e2-475f-987c-4fd63ecd2d10
23 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 30705d50-dec6-4e3c-ad09-7067db55c1fb
24 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 0e821f19-50b5-425b-8fe8-f1fc39478116
25 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 3173af9c-85a7-4b27-b838-bb67c2b2c6fa
26 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC ebd9b38e-d3d2-4388-a310-d37a60c14b86
26 Mar,2018 Deposit $100.00 AC 0ced7469-4a58-4b07-8927-9de18e2bbf3f
28 Mar,2018 Payout $2.50 PM 2096972**
29 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 5a3a88a1-5dad-4f5d-b12c-62de6a00e395
29 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 60c27f0a-df8a-4312-8f44-8893ed5be8d8
30 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 7219c6e7-2ba5-4d8a-90bd-db11c8f0d350
31 Mar,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 41d91ad7-081c-48ee-9dfa-3056bfedb58a
01 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 9b399735-c143-4f19-a2cf-e36fe28c2ea3
02 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC e3488163-3566-46c9-8b74-6b5699d7e7a4
03 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC fb725411-1749-472e-a7a4-a36fc289ca2f
04 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 2b92ae98-3b67-4f3f-abb4-d2f92ddf9e72
05 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC a0a207e6-dc78-4c20-8681-d0d90358db59
06 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC bc210b0e-55f6-44cb-a33b-8e893f3b8926
07 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 2bede810-59d5-4073-8f80-080a74594af6
08 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC b44affac-9f59-4509-800b-5a248d1f5e20
09 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 776888b4-2a48-49c5-abc9-c1072dface14
10 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC d95d2c71-cf35-4937-842c-aac18b080ae5
11 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC cefdcf73-9e5d-48cf-80f0-68b97f8948ad
12 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 426c5645-9986-4655-b28f-581ca62ea07a
13 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 9cdd700a-57d0-430c-9a2d-1fe4d35a6c0e
14 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 957766e6-8cc3-4967-8c45-7d3f55c50837
15 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC a66829fc-6758-4a7b-9410-68c0c53ae7f4
16 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 0af40a1f-1c81-4bc1-9a57-b833f678a2da
17 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 5581c50f-94c2-4110-ba4e-7504fde22f0f
18 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC a0efb7dc-778e-41c5-ad6e-140bf7c0c7ff
18 Apr,2018 Deposit $100.00 AC 1d28913a-3a55-48ae-9a8e-ed8f083f09a7
20 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 2cfc1ad0-e1c4-447f-ab01-6961c26f2178
21 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 89aa64f8-2f52-446a-87dc-b2458509b371
22 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 7671c265-b682-492d-9735-f8e4f828c5c9
22 Apr,2018 Payout $1.50 PM 2122513**
23 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 9235417e-e1fc-486b-9cdc-f08b8fe667fa
24 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC d949cad1-a730-4f14-9b28-bea45cf7b633
26 Apr,2018 Payout $5.00 AC 9cd0d2f5-f53e-4956-96bd-059bf808aae7
* Received payouts may include referral commissions.