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Independent statistics
Statistics of

Payout statistics for: Gold Bitcoin

Date Type Amount* PS Batch number
07 Sep,2017 Deposit $100.00 BTC b78a9249ff9c6828128bc5bce4ffc17c8c6*
08 Sep,2017 Payout $4.97 BTC 419d31fdf069d0566ccc4739e75984866f5*
09 Sep,2017 Payout $4.99 BTC e01695d6fbce341d1b585d686d752189dbf*
10 Sep,2017 Payout $5.03 BTC 8a3459f993a9ab98b8de1973241212511c0*
11 Sep,2017 Payout $5.07 BTC d905874b53a15a807f4db94fd74f971ac3d*
12 Sep,2017 Payout $5.00 BTC ed303e284dc4aefd82ad528131ddb2acacc*
13 Sep,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC a13e3fa330ff7c10ce35840da5e314e01bf*
14 Sep,2017 Payout $5.03 BTC 58bd17fd69654bf12139a0c4a1f50b7fbe8*
15 Sep,2017 Payout $5.15 BTC 2008e3bee65de6d86fc649645b2026320fb*
16 Sep,2017 Payout $5.01 BTC 239da51f642d27ef58ebbca49635e5f7dcb*
18 Sep,2017 Payout $5.09 BTC ee1715ba129ad1f77c20b50846a7429809b*
18 Sep,2017 Payout $5.10 BTC ca95313a3f4cfb0a22de6ce6b5e73a8ca49*
19 Sep,2017 Payout $4.94 BTC b19b38c71fbdff075f362acdc1ee0778837*
20 Sep,2017 Payout $5.06 BTC f0aa0b6d985da538deff014355c9c4cfb7a*
21 Sep,2017 Payout $4.98 BTC f1caf5344d7c35d8dde4703be1113f6d0f3*
22 Sep,2017 Payout $5.07 BTC bd0a09bbb4c3d6fcaaae2bb0215a214d976*
23 Sep,2017 Payout $5.07 BTC 8ba965ef9d1582aafd47549c28bab17d578*
24 Sep,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC 66cc693d29efeb5fcae4f8910edd88efdd2*
25 Sep,2017 Payout $5.01 BTC aaff9b55f54e875550633d240a7cddce3d0*
26 Sep,2017 Payout $5.03 BTC 9fd30388d4901e128a852405655379cbdbc*
28 Sep,2017 Payout $5.03 BTC 420618e032733d03fe61550c6931961ffe4*
28 Sep,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC 097476d4b3bd6409ad4473ab0028a20c1a9*
29 Sep,2017 Payout $5.02 BTC a75bd9403389425b3e1577e63cb4a9dc513*
03 Oct,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC 73422bf8a03ed560b48ccb6f35329c58aac*
03 Oct,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC a5ebf05e12f5b513bdfb8f9197524287915*
03 Oct,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC aa3c50de56e783b9289e890af7b105ea160*
03 Oct,2017 Payout $5.02 BTC dc952608a5628320678ffe169f27e0ebf23*
04 Oct,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC 460a5d8c16a8f62b481e8dae263aacfabe3*
05 Oct,2017 Payout $5.07 BTC 1419fd70c186dafe70e1507a5d9a660bfaf*
06 Oct,2017 Payout $5.08 BTC 87456e6a7fb79f06ed157aefa7f1fadfbfd*
07 Oct,2017 Payout $5.10 BTC 90116774466a366bc298ca1a1674754b703*
09 Oct,2017 Payout $5.01 BTC ecfd797eaf14e2ee2f9897f57faa25aebce*
09 Oct,2017 Payout $5.07 BTC eaacb4d77c8dfa1a467c550c7dc27bf09ea*
10 Oct,2017 Payout $5.06 BTC 4f9908fb932d401d57f95dd6b929db9625a*
11 Oct,2017 Payout $5.08 BTC 8ac2139fa008b2f0feaa61ee0ebe5ab44fd*
13 Oct,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC 4127cce216faffb65d9669ae915a8116d69*
15 Oct,2017 Payout $9.05 BTC 97c091aec3154ba9ae01027ec9d67823177*
15 Oct,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC 0d989e1424cf051881bcd024c9d1992510d*
15 Oct,2017 Payout $8.29 BTC 4d7d9bfd24bfb4a8b307a21bf0a11970216*
16 Oct,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC 5725fc1c5e29da0f4e5cd8c5a9495180d64*
17 Oct,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC d3d41993240a98435ca741f9485d3bfde8e*
18 Oct,2017 Payout $5.10 BTC 650b3ae05216d7b61414715c60f6bfe7b55*
19 Oct,2017 Payout $5.06 BTC 32808aaeb2e1eb19798f9ec947fe1dd3c39*
20 Oct,2017 Payout $5.07 BTC 17d84867658fc6bcd229186f676222485e8*
22 Oct,2017 Payout $5.06 BTC 4616da77bb51b20d3a18afe2b9d7d080dc8*
23 Oct,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC 2d956cd2e7fddf82d395ef64be34446c601*
23 Oct,2017 Payout $5.14 BTC d4f00c3ccf3703639ec95326a4160ed6d2c*
24 Oct,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC f767c52f8fda3af555b9463d8fab7723de8*
25 Oct,2017 Payout $5.08 BTC 01420f156654e277c529da88e7d052ab49f*
26 Oct,2017 Payout $4.99 BTC 6d551e3a0484a59edf3ce64cdf7cec560f3*
27 Oct,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC 6bfbaab912f7799f7854d15f0ba2ffda871*
29 Oct,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC 0b20456a20660dd001e2daf302f451878a5*
30 Oct,2017 Payout $5.06 BTC ae899d6911d2987a72b53cf7b3540648f5a*
30 Oct,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC 548d6f1b8fce18331a5940658854221aef2*
31 Oct,2017 Payout $5.05 BTC bfefd3fb3543df7985f4e5cd443307bfead*
02 Nov,2017 Payout $10.08 BTC d0668cb7e924be89dd89c67094658d65bd7*
04 Nov,2017 Payout $5.04 BTC 3f75cf878dc608065483e56f7dc444b183a*
09 Nov,2017 Payout $10.21 BTC 1834c3cf0ef7f7faa1b398e3ac654633847*
* Received payouts may include referral commissions.