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Independent statistics
Statistics of

Payout statistics for: Bit Trading

Date Type Amount* PS Batch number
07 Sep,2017 Deposit $100.00 BTC 4f24342e7ac4f111f8e983c80d7325bdbc0*
08 Sep,2017 Payout $5.90 BTC c508467bc9b7d91f8fb93f62225bcd31241*
09 Sep,2017 Payout $5.94 BTC 66c844e74fb4d784bdfb88c8d02345f6096*
10 Sep,2017 Payout $5.95 BTC 2344608aeebd8ddf2a358ca0510fd93af49*
11 Sep,2017 Payout $5.99 BTC daad0c6df1c6e967507f59845b73ad3de22*
12 Sep,2017 Payout $5.97 BTC 5a1ca744a6e1dafbc3a5b9de4aa102e69f3*
13 Sep,2017 Payout $5.96 BTC d73006a0635f0085d008bc6c067674e64e4*
14 Sep,2017 Payout $5.98 BTC 68a00faec43d875560d09ebc5fa6ba009a9*
15 Sep,2017 Payout $5.91 BTC 95522055ff3ca871eb4b86ad8cd17fccc6b*
18 Sep,2017 Payout $2.17 BTC dffbb41cbb121f1e5fad028cd62fd49842c*
18 Sep,2017 Payout $3.77 BTC 8265a3c39eba823b5cffdb535fe030dabd8*
18 Sep,2017 Payout $2.18 BTC b08cdd4441b1220cabcb1533a2bf8017b5f*
18 Sep,2017 Payout $5.97 BTC 5d6c7c4c8ff2958f36ecace9a3e9e00f5ce*
18 Sep,2017 Payout $5.98 BTC 7b9305dc32a150d024a0410c88da3a474cf*
18 Sep,2017 Payout $3.74 PYR 402178325
19 Sep,2017 Payout $5.95 BTC d97bc1fdb510546243ab8f484840a66c270*
20 Sep,2017 Payout $5.98 BTC 13819bf5feb890476e44e8e36a0456075da*
21 Sep,2017 Payout $6.05 BTC 5ed2585ecd5e24a217c00ff2a22d68ddb45*
22 Sep,2017 Payout $5.95 BTC 3b4801423fdb75d6a702a61744f74a159bf*
23 Sep,2017 Payout $5.98 BTC 6113bef858f35c53077d1de399122f4f324*
24 Sep,2017 Payout $5.94 BTC 81be672cca8a5486d3e007099476fc468f0*
25 Sep,2017 Payout $5.94 BTC 9df6b044a0931ecb312f16939ee198e3661*
26 Sep,2017 Payout $5.94 BTC 3ab94132b5e58c89c2dc9da4a5129e6ee8d*
28 Sep,2017 Payout $5.96 BTC b062a1e46f1f919a0d575a4ef5611fca7f0*
28 Sep,2017 Payout $6.00 BTC 2fa89c8acab535bfb81b07e31eb9fdd5b27*
29 Sep,2017 Payout $5.90 BTC d77e317af3907c049751082a9114d9b5f48*
30 Sep,2017 Payout $5.97 BTC fb8abce7b2b06771abcedacf4e67eced4b5*
03 Oct,2017 Payout $5.93 BTC 952487829cee87f80b9792bcec759b3930c*
03 Oct,2017 Payout $5.96 BTC e87bf6dc51d1fa49bcd7a4085fdeffba7bb*
03 Oct,2017 Payout $5.93 BTC 13e8572e359856295069957980552733ecc*
04 Oct,2017 Payout $5.98 BTC e46bf828a38b6b2c922471a71230bc4ca0d*
05 Oct,2017 Payout $5.95 BTC 8b2b4a26f7b427835e5ab1491b4661fd7af*
06 Oct,2017 Payout $5.95 BTC 442cf28d7627c62d72fd387b02eeb795928*
07 Oct,2017 Payout $5.95 BTC e7bdc11efa97218011d9767242d398a5344*
09 Oct,2017 Payout $5.95 BTC 45c59d5e4587edb11b5b00705826fcea0b6*
10 Oct,2017 Payout $6.07 BTC 0a70781c3072d0acd0634b35c9adc476ec4*
10 Oct,2017 Payout $5.97 BTC 6c18f09297d4cef1849e753603d360e66d1*
11 Oct,2017 Payout $5.94 BTC 744b1ab14afbc58aacc9b33ae98eb07dcd9*
13 Oct,2017 Payout $5.96 BTC b9658e420611f42691dfb233770da22f8a8*
13 Oct,2017 Payout $5.96 BTC d4b9c9dbb6303efd41e0f274c280ae521a2*
15 Oct,2017 Payout $5.94 BTC 4803220d7ca488d6efa42da1e6991617509*
16 Oct,2017 Payout $5.94 BTC 645c5cc12055367d42d70b68da9af6a73d7*
16 Oct,2017 Payout $5.96 BTC 3984245c60126f7473b8975fd2ef7c603c0*
17 Oct,2017 Payout $4.86 BTC f49f292333bfe138c8d89b7757c52deac48*
18 Oct,2017 Payout $4.87 BTC b68f8ec69c4e2a38407738ef12886aeb186*
19 Oct,2017 Payout $4.81 BTC 6cb23f90f6cdcab9fd994732e1a4569a2e2*
20 Oct,2017 Payout $4.74 BTC e282baece99fd21d22642c64c73cc453cf8*
22 Oct,2017 Payout $4.75 BTC ca799f0e8434e1849f477e0b13ff4fc1d4d*
23 Oct,2017 Payout $4.74 BTC 460adec33cf86df805ecc1a2502035c0d35*
23 Oct,2017 Payout $4.90 BTC dc35ce5a9e82a74e7b1c050c491fc69e612*
24 Oct,2017 Payout $4.90 BTC bb47e8d2cc43507a29174224c3be9ecb9c0*
25 Oct,2017 Payout $4.79 BTC b19b412d9acf0105b9335b472c3f30800a3*
26 Oct,2017 Payout $4.78 BTC f513fc90fa9bdd6ca91e958873f3cd7845b*
27 Oct,2017 Payout $4.81 BTC 0d4eb2374c5153d5f8c6b56744a28fc1c60*
29 Oct,2017 Payout $4.84 BTC df7160913e46e6114b0e694450bc5b95d54*
30 Oct,2017 Payout $4.75 BTC 922e09fba67a48cfe95d3b89926ac275e14*
31 Oct,2017 Payout $10.67 BTC 34d266fc7f0f808de2cca26b331e08fa1a4*
* Received payouts may include referral commissions.