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Independent statistics
Statistics of

Payout statistics for: BitDig Business

Date Type Amount* PS Batch number
21 May,2017 Deposit $100.00 BTC a93ffeb138b476ff9a37c8b3705a627adf9*
22 May,2017 Payout $7.34 BTC 16174dc9762d9e9fcea43e743664bbe1b17*
23 May,2017 Payout $7.55 BTC c4ddbfb9f57d8cc8778d2e9aec73cbb04d4*
25 May,2017 Payout $8.66 BTC 1bf5d0283afe100f28b93f02b6d455b8e8a*
26 May,2017 Payout $8.45 BTC c999ca64ca1ec2db9a2d29c637e7d9215c8*
27 May,2017 Payout $6.62 BTC b4c5d7f3b1fcfe14be55bef14eb9de6896d*
30 May,2017 Payout $7.54 BTC f15b94c9e2b6f8d21f710f493c5cdc3aba3*
31 May,2017 Payout $7.34 BTC de330af81cc48ae6794721c5f3b1a496997*
01 Jun,2017 Payout $7.91 BTC a970afc2ea85ee20e4df0f4e734e9aebc9c*
02 Jun,2017 Payout $7.96 BTC 747642be2c9a5023e4b10c39921501924ce*
03 Jun,2017 Payout $8.10 BTC 9b2c07048bc04fac55eae3b489b11d00180*
06 Jun,2017 Payout $9.31 BTC 1b574b0dd96f112c9aa06cbc883227d3764*
07 Jun,2017 Payout $9.24 BTC 40aa0c0313f15b6408d92dcf83bfe54d325*
08 Jun,2017 Payout $9.09 BTC 3243866a5d5c7ae701000808deb477e7aea*
08 Jun,2017 Payout $2.66 BTC 9d957c70a030c9a127a8f9dc1be7ce46b19*
09 Jun,2017 Payout $9.27 BTC 58a21ed168bb78e1f7fc363db42b7213dfb*
10 Jun,2017 Payout $9.32 BTC 074507cdc944c61b16c2316476842ffff51*
13 Jun,2017 Payout $9.10 BTC c0648bbb654f8be48df73b669f5aa1835b7*
14 Jun,2017 Payout $9.13 BTC ea20068dfdf10b51ad59ebc481ae08e9b86*
15 Jun,2017 Payout $8.17 BTC 8a54d95fd3110fd2beeb7e402b59fc986f4*
16 Jun,2017 Payout $12.24 BTC b37f609061635a35ce0499bf5b87552f907*
17 Jun,2017 Payout $8.41 BTC 1892791ebc899908937d750a8b72c18d90e*
20 Jun,2017 Payout $8.62 BTC d49f8df6b4f94450ab48888fef550c3a170*
21 Jun,2017 Payout $9.09 BTC dc7207a59de4c72d472592f74e76c3b4a6b*
27 Jun,2017 Payout $5.63 BTC 87c253a5bc2b8240d29183e0cc591bacd6e*
28 Jun,2017 Payout $5.75 BTC 7ea5951ac1b5d0946234fac84367afaa607*
29 Jun,2017 Payout $5.77 BTC 3214e8a0448343ccb91a27998834a74809f*
30 Jun,2017 Payout $5.80 BTC c9047a8d0b8523973321d9252ba51ce285e*
01 Jul,2017 Payout $5.75 BTC 928c5ce1b819590a8acf67264e5d06129fb*
01 Jul,2017 Payout $2.39 BTC 0117b38668784ea59ed1247bf1be034bfca*
04 Jul,2017 Payout $5.96 BTC e09f4d8e5172954b836dd86302c2fef95c5*
05 Jul,2017 Payout $5.80 BTC a088a95916f62fd2ff9436cfe1671f1d456*
06 Jul,2017 Payout $5.95 BTC d3f0db9a30c07b9de1e93a6612c976d46b6*
07 Jul,2017 Payout $5.87 BTC d0aad4f9d5c6078905363377fdda58d7d4a*
08 Jul,2017 Payout $5.78 BTC 955bdf86e2ffa7334bcc9cd2695ba597aed*
11 Jul,2017 Payout $5.40 BTC b741483ede3ed8360267b2bebdd41d676d0*
12 Jul,2017 Payout $5.35 BTC 8f94aa46d12d3c6e55c345bc3ff68df8c47*
13 Jul,2017 Payout $5.46 BTC 470e9581ad92f0da8e18bf3f85acda080dd*
14 Jul,2017 Payout $5.24 BTC 19a5dcb20d4e47fff7cbbceab2779320837*
15 Jul,2017 Payout $4.92 BTC 6a4eb42e03b48e9169f0736b6262e5394cf*
18 Jul,2017 Payout $5.11 BTC ba0da9368dc9986e32f335421cff3d6c65f*
19 Jul,2017 Payout $5.32 BTC 6b0b44960e854e7eb670f0a9f3a651a5086*
20 Jul,2017 Payout $5.31 BTC 8eb3c6538cb8611d6d884fddc055d81ecfb*
21 Jul,2017 Payout $6.07 BTC 5835cb19b9b59d3ad6259970d9b5af64ef9*
22 Jul,2017 Payout $6.16 BTC f15e793c67390a97bc130f833187cf3b971*
25 Jul,2017 Payout $5.98 BTC cd72e00ebf3ac7859a5c2e1825e6a3280b6*
* Received payouts may include referral commissions.