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Plenty Oil - HYIP details

Plenty Oil

lifetime: 922 days
monitoring: 922 days
Investment of uHYIPs: $100
Payout ratio for uHYIPs: 81%
User's investments: $0
Payout ratio: 0%
uHYIPs Rating: 0
User's rating: 0 (12 votes)
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $50000
Withdrawal: Manual
Referral: 7%+2%+1%
Discussion: MMGP | CG | DTM | FP
Investment plans:
3.0% Daily for 5 days, principal return
3.5% Daily for 10 days, principal return
4.0% Daily for 15 days, principal return
Oil production has been always very perspective kind of business from the financial point. No wonder oil is called “black gold”. Our company Plenty-Oil specializes on investing in rich oil deposits. We are co-owners of 17 oil-wells, each of which brings more than 1800 tons of oil per year. This allows us to have an income that counts in the millions. However, our goal is continuous growth, the desire to move forward. The mission of Plenty-Oil is in deposit development. We are ready to provide technological and human resources, to implement new and large investments. We have lots of global goals to achieve and we give you the opportunity to join and become part of our large team. Each new investor will not only receive quick profits and permanent income, but also an awareness of the importance of joint undertaking. The development of any industrial sector is a huge step forward. And when it comes to oil - it is also the overall growth of the world economy
Last payouts:
Type User Date Amount
Payout uHYIPs 12 Jun,2018 $3
Status uHYIPs: Not Paying

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Info 0.00 points if you want to share some info about the program.
Bad -0.1 points if you have some problems with the program.
Awful -0.3 points if program not paying you.
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Posted by ReddenRogue from Ukraine on 12 Jun,2018. IP: 91.227.*.*, E-mail: r***e@gmail.com
Withdrawal request returned to balance after 3 days.
Posted by rola from Netherlands on 12 Jun,2018. IP: 5.10.*.*, E-mail: r***2@gmail.com
Paying! +103.00 USD Transaction ID: 76e6e746-c432-4834-a3c5-6d2d385b848b From: plenty.oil@gmail.com
Posted by Moneyminedguy from India on 12 Jun,2018. IP: 27.62.*.*, E-mail: m***y@gmail.com
Withdrawal request is pending for more than 72 hours.SCAM
Posted by cody from Netherlands on 11 Jun,2018. IP: 212.7.*.*, E-mail: c***4@gmail.com
+61.80 USD !!!! Great! Transaction ID: c80ce182-74b9-43eb-a6bb-de4e3c501bd2 plenty.oil@gmail.com +61.80 USD
Posted by Maxi1 from Germany on 11 Jun,2018. IP: 195.138.*.*, E-mail: m***1@gmail.com
Transaction ID 34b9bceb-a87a-4dbf-9c19-eef3526341f6 Date time 10.06.2018 15:59 From plenty.oil@gmail.com Amount +2.10 USD Note Invoice #26613
Posted by jasque from Ukraine on 11 Jun,2018. IP: 176.107.*.*, E-mail: j***8@gmail.com
Paying! 10.06.18 19:51 Receive Received Payment 1.5 USD from account U15912099 to account U1387***. Batch: 217607725. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 27155
Posted by Jonasson from Switzerland on 11 Jun,2018. IP: 169.51.*.*, E-mail: j***7@gmail.com
really paying, I'm receive $53 deposit&profit! Transaction ID: 27548b55-42fe-459f-9c71-8bf4e2d573d4
Posted by Rodrigo from Spain on 10 Jun,2018. IP: 95.215.*.*, E-mail: b***1@gmail.com
return depo, thanks 09.06.18 20: 44 receive received payment 61.8 USD from account U15912099. Party: 217529800. Memo: API Payment. Account 25192
Posted by Randy from United States on 10 Jun,2018. IP: 138.197.*.*, E-mail: r***7@gmail.com
Next fast payment! On your wallet ***@gmail.com AdvancedCash withdrawn 0.6 USD (batch: 95fbb70d-b8a8-4c33-bea7-e7d0d618eb65)
Posted by lera47 from Ukraine on 09 Jun,2018. IP: 193.23.*.*, E-mail: b***7@gmail.com
Hello,nice project, i'm in! Date : 2018-06-08 17:44:07 From/To Account : U9303319***** Amount : -100.00 Currency : USD Status : COMPLETED Transaction Name : INNER_SYSTEM Memo : Invoice #27480 Payment ID : b32454d8-7b8a-48bc-b9bf-1a54ae6b938d
Posted by bald from Australia on 09 Jun,2018. IP: 49.213.*.*, E-mail: b***4@gmail.com
depo Transaction IDeef96938-f405-404c-b66f-12d71f9d6337 Date time transfer Type Status 08.06.2018 20:26 to plenty.oil@gmail.com The Amount Of -48.00 USD Note Invoice #27587
Posted by Maria from Netherlands on 09 Jun,2018. IP: 5.10.*.*, E-mail: m***8@gmail.com
Pays well!!! +1.53 USD Transaction ID 2a91d9e7-564d-438b-a01c-96fd2e4c29fc Date time: 08.06.2018 11:35 Transfer within the system Made From plenty.oil@gmail.com