Cryptodelics Limited
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Cryptodelics Limited - HYIP details

Cryptodelics Limited

lifetime: 15 days
monitoring: 15 days
Investment of uHYIPs: $100
Payout ratio for uHYIPs: 196%
User's investments: $0
Payout ratio: 0%
uHYIPs Rating: 0
User's rating: 0 (10 votes)
Min deposit: $0001
Max deposit: $300
Withdrawal: Instant
Referral: 5%-2%-1%
Discussion: MMGP
Investment plans:
10%-15% Daily for days, principal included
Cryptodelics Limited is an investment services company. We offer our investors access to high-growth investment opportunities in Bitcoin markets. We offer the best practices of trading & mining of Bitcoins through our operations while providing flexibility and reliability in our investment plans.
Last payouts:
Type User Date Amount
Payout uHYIPs 21 Nov,2017 $11.53
Status uHYIPs: Paying

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Posted by hotprofit from Sweden on 21 Nov,2017. IP: 46.246.*.*, E-mail: a***
Five star for this program. Checkout my big payment proof then you will understand my profits and happiness. 0.0012215 BTC received into my blockchain account Batch: 99329c310cbf54d17539aa87cd6065770038914e2843aeaffd19d5202aaba637
Posted by desima from Canada on 21 Nov,2017. IP: 199.66.*.*, E-mail: a***
Better investment company from all. Payment received on time. Batch: 94e89a7e023aa809e1cf4fbafda9df9d2b3da5ad265d9a377ab33b85f96eb8a8
Posted by daniel from anonymous proxy on 21 Nov,2017. IP: 104.207.*.*, E-mail: b***
INSTANT PAYING PAYING .. Received. 0.0010702 BTC The best medium term investment company at present! Batch: 167527c7556d497108e83a0a0771df42129e02ea5b6e0d9ccb1feabc8452814e Cryptodelics is best at all, thank you very much, Cryptodelics LTD team.
Posted by bail from United Kingdom on 21 Nov,2017. IP: 88.202.*.*, E-mail: h***
Instant Payment. I like instant payment and I have earned over $1000 here, thank you so much for your services. Now deposit again $2000 in plan 15% Daily Forever. THE BEST & Excellent admin.
Posted by bankwire from Germany on 21 Nov,2017. IP: 37.58.*.*, E-mail: h***
The withdrawal was received instant on 1AeqgtHedfA2yVXH6GiKLS2JGkfWfgyTC6 with transaction ID: cc2f263a8e082ce7be21b2f589db6d2d7ec56cb5220cc4fe9921618345d4c02c It is my favorite invest company. 0.004492 BTC INSTANT reach in my Bitcoin. Value in US $36.75
Posted by gariaz from Netherlands on 21 Nov,2017. IP: 85.17.*.*, E-mail: v***
Highly recommended! Paying instantly! 0.00179839 BTC Creceived. TX: 4ea8a9bdac31e14e6dbd085fa968c151e5255337796af9b8379e5d4052bfc9fd Best website from all hyips. It should be number one.
Posted by Rodar from anonymous proxy on 21 Nov,2017. IP: 103.255.*.*, E-mail: v***
INSTANT.. I will always recommend this. 0.00025651 BTC Creceived. TXN: 75fa667fedede9a0c76d73a33f91211e20d28f45d14be7891b92fbecfc420090 I recommended this website to all. Payment Received Instantly without any problem.
Posted by cryptkeeper from Russia on 18 Nov,2017. IP: 188.166.*.*, E-mail: b***
put in $100, got back over $80 so far. really fast withdrawals. sweet.
Posted by User traktorist78 on 15 Nov,2017
Платит инстант!!! werdoxx Nov-15-2017 09:38:27 AM Ƀ0.00050000 350d19564d40dfbb4f292979af6f3a04118d31da875a9781da9dd6003436e410
Posted by Elnar from Russia on 09 Nov,2017. IP: 217.66.*.*, E-mail: g***
Amazing hyip program!like insant more time